Happy Customers

Dear Lee,

Thank you! Thank you! My name is Michele Williams and I am one of your Happy Customers! I have a daughter that is getting ready to graduate, she is my first and I was so nervous on how to go about doing her transcripts. I ordered your transcript package and watched your webinars hoping to learn how to make them look good and what exactly to apply to them. She is an artist and had her heart set on going to Ringling College of Art and Design. So I studied the template of transcript I thought best for me and started the process of entering all her information like you instructed on your videos.

I had a couple of glitches so I emailed your site for help and they were SO great on getting back to me and helping me with my problem. You have a Wonderful Staff!

Long Story Short : My daughter was accepted to Ringling College ( Which a very small private art college of a total of 1400 students) Not only was she accepted but she was awarded a 24,000 scholarship for her application and academic achievements!! I'm so grateful for you and your love for helping us homeschool parents. I have two more children to go.. one will be in High School this fall, So I feel more confident for getting them through.

God Bless you and Thank you One Happy Parent,
Michele Williams

In April, my homeschooled senior daughter was applying to a very competitive specialty summer college program at a major Ivy League university. I had to come up with a really professional looking transcript, FAST, and I was really dreading it.

However, I ordered your Homeschool Total Transcript Solution and it was all you said it was! I was able to write brief course descriptions and find legitimate credits in activities and learning experiences I had never thought of as 'transcript material' before! And the format was very professional and official looking, plus easy to use. You even made the process fun!

She had very good SAT scores, and a unique portfolio, and -- in a program where they seldom give scholarships -- she received TWO different scholarships! So she was able to attend, and enjoyed a very intense and horizon-expanding six weeks. THANK YOU so much for your common-sense and friendly information. It was worth about $6,000 to our family.

I am writing to say thank you and to share our success story with you. Our was just accepted early decision into College! Your resources were invaluable in helping me wade through the application process. I used both your Total Transcript Solution and Comprehensive Record Solution. I recommend your materials to all homeschoolers who have high school students, and I also agree with your suggestions that homeschoolers with younger students should also begin to learn all about keeping records before their children are in high school. Blessings and joy as you and your family!

I have been so blessed by your newsletters, website, and the Total Transcript Solution. Last October, my daughter was accepted and awarded the highest academic scholarship from all four of the private Christian colleges she applied to. Two of those universities invited her to compete for “up to full-tuition scholarships,” and in early April, she was awarded the Presidential Honors Scholarship at the University for her well-written essay. She was also awarded a vocal/music scholarship after I encouraged her to audition even though she had an insignificant amount of vocal training! All combined, Michaela was awarded 93% of her tuition for four years. Room, board, and books are virtually her only responsibility.

Know that I recently met with the Director of the Honors Program at the University who identified with interest, an unusual activity Michaela completed during high school that was listed on her TTS transcript. The Total Transcript Solution made it easier for the university to conclude that Michaela’s unique homeschooling experiences would be a welcome addition to the University community!

Thank you for your dedication and service to the homeschooling community. Your recommendations and resources have empowered me to take control of my children’s high school education. I know that we will complete high school with absolute success

Hopefully this will give more parents hope to keep their children out of the public school system. We need to keep sending a message that it can be done!

You have provided so much helpful information so many of my questions have been dissolved. I want to put into practice many of the things I have learned so far over the summer. I now am a more confident retired GM dad overseeing my two sons learning choices knowing that the HomeScholar is a mouse click away! Thank you again for the quantity and quality of information you are providing to homeschoolers.

I want to highly recommend Lee's services to anyone who has questions about the high school years! I had a consultation with her yesterday and it was so helpful and amazing to watch the transcript fill before my very eyes. I think as homeschoolers we can be VERY critical of our little schools and I didn't even realize how much was learned last year. Lee's service is truly a blessing and her rates are very reasonable! I will be using her service again next year and probably every year until both of my older kids are graduated.

The FEAR has been alleviated (THANKS to you!!) The audios were incredibly insightful and PACKED full of information! The ebook was the most VALUABLE tool I've seen on the nuts and bolts of transcripts! You literally answered EVERY question that came to mind. I know I will refer to it often. You are a blessing indeed.

You can count me as a completely satisfied customer.  The Total Transcript Solution made the process a pleasure.  Our transcript was a wonderful summary of the rich educational experience a home school education can provide.  We translated my son’s home school experience into the language schools can understand, and obviously love!

Thank you so much Lee! You are such a blessing! I really appreciate it! I’ve been telling everyone about your ebook (which I actually printed because I can take it with me). You’ll likely have more future orders! This Canadian loves your resource!

Thank you for your educational website. The Total Transcript Solution has been very helpful! In the last month -- since we found your site -- we have been making changes regarding our record keeping etc. Your other articles have also been beneficial in the planning for future courses, CLEPS and SAT preparation, etc. Thank you for the work that you have done in assisting families in their desire to homeschool high school . Both Jonathan and I have been raving about your website! He is a public school teacher (a fantastic one!) and has been sharing your website with his colleagues - he is enjoying his copy of essay topics. I have shared your site with other homeschool parents and they have also been extremely impressed with your vast catalogue of information. We will be sure to add your website to our handouts when we speak at homeschool events up here in Ontario. I look forward to speaking with you in the future. Wishing you continued success. A new fan!

Lee is an expert in homeschool transcripts. Many people send me things to review but Lee's stuff really grabbed me. I said 'this is a like minded person. This is woman with the voice of experience and the common sense that so many of us are so desperately looking for in the educational world.' Lee has the expertise of a professional to help with this tricky issue of assigning credits and grades and creating transcripts in preparation for college applications.

Andrew Pudewa, Director of IEW

I've been doing a happy dance all day and I just had to pass the excitement along to you! Late last night I took the plunge and submitted my first ever high school transcript accompanied by 13 course descriptions to our state college after applying for dual enrollment for my upcoming junior. I used your template "Academic Record by Subject" from the Total Transcript Solution package and I followed your blog advice on "3 Ingredients of a Great Course Description". Having never done this before, and having never actually seen any such documents in real life, I was just hoping it would present our family in a good light and be "professional". The college coordinator emailed me back with just two sentences. "This is great! I'm going to hold you up as the shining example of how to do homeschool transcripts and course descriptions !" I am so very grateful to you and your ministry! With all my heart I wish more and more families would follow your wonderful advice so that the homeschool community would continue to raise the bar of excellence in all things. My deepest gratitude!

Good news from the Philippines! Our son was accepted at his first-choice school. We are so very grateful for all of the material you made available to us, Lee. How helpful the videos were! I listened to them over and over. Because of your help and advice, I was able to make a wonderful transcript, a beautiful extra-curricular activity sheet, stunning recommendations and prepped for the college exams with your help! Lee, we could NOT have done this without your help. You calmed my fears that kept me awake at night. You were a true God-send to our lives because of your down-to-earth, effective, clear, practical, and most useful information.