The High School Solution Will Help You Homeschool High School with Confidence and Excellence!
Homeschooling high school can seem a daunting challenge to even the most seasoned homeschool parent. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a proven road-map showing you how to get the most out of your experience while sidestepping all the traps? Wouldn't you love to have somewhere to ask the questions that vex you and get some needed advice?

If so, the High School Solution will be perfect for you!
You won't be left to learn this on your own. I will be with you every step of the way:
  • Monthly Support: Live Monthly Training, Tips, and Q&A: You will receive an invitation each month to our exclusive Gold Care Club live training webinar, which includes in-depth instruction and an extensive Q&A period when you can get specific questions about homeschooling high school answered. You will also get a monthly email reminder with training suggestions to help you stay on track and accountable.
  • Supplemental Courses: Homeschooling - How and Why it Works, with Dr. Jay Wile, and College and Faith - What's the Real Story, with Dr. Jay Wile. Each training course comes with handouts.
  • Tools and Templates: Includes The HomeScholar Planning Guide Worksheet, Record Keeping Samples, (Sample Course Description, Reading List, Transcript by Subject, and Transcript by Year), Grading Criteria, and Weekly Assignment Sheet (Portrait and Landscape).
  • College Prep Calendars: A complete college prep planning calendar with all of the major events identified for middle school and each year of high school. Never miss an important high school event as you plan for college.
There is even training to help you through the most challenging problems parents face with their teens.
  • Motivation Pack: Full length courses on Lack of Motivation in Teens, and The Art and Science of Motivation, with Andrew Pudewa. Training includes handouts, checklists, and other sanity-saving resources!
  • Taming Technology Pack: Six hours of webinar training, Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens, including dialogue and Q&A with experts in the fields of homeschooling, as well as technology abuse and addiction. All training includes handouts and audio downloads so you can listen in your car.
  • Finding the Faith Pack: 3 hour class filled with scriptural encouragement, because having curriculum, pens and paper isn’t always enough, and you need to somehow find the faith to move forward.
  • Book Discount Pack: My largest discounts on my four best selling homeschooling high school books: Setting the Records Straight, The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships, Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School, and TechnoLogic.
  • Lifetime Access: Purchase once and use for all your kids.
  • Other Surprise Bonus Packs!

Every year, thousands of families stop homeschooling when their kids reach middle school or high school. Why? I believe it is largely out of fear ...

Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of hurting our children's future, and fear of looking foolish.

If you have ever considered homeschooling high school, I can promise these fears will find you. For me, the fear always seemed to come at night, in bed, staring at the ceiling.

I created the High School Solution to help you overcome your fear of homeschooling high school. Ten years in the making, this product is the culmination of lessons learned from my own experience and the wisdom gathered from helping thousands of homeschooling parents .

I wanted to capture all of my hard-fought knowledge in a fully accessible way for other parents. I firmly believe that homeschooling high school shouldn't be so hard.

The HomeScholar High School Solution can help you at your point of greatest need. So whether you are...
  • New to homeschooling with kids nearing high school
  • A homeschool high school veteran who wants to do a better job with the next child
  • A parent of a struggling learner who is trying to survive high school and hoping for a shot at college.
  • Parenting the next Einstein but doubting your ability to keep them challenged
Wherever you are on your homeschool journey, this Solution will help!
Training for Every Age and Stage
Over 52 hours of training on every issue and obstacle you may face while homeschooling middle school and high school
Resources for Every Challenge
Extensive collection of resources for common questions, including my exclusive College Planning Calendar for each year
Ongoing Help and Encouragement
Monthly email reminder and live Q&A workshop to keep you on track and get all your questions answered
“Our daughter had chronic Lyme Disease. I was stressed wondering how we were going to get her through High School. Then I found you! With your help, I was able to create a high school centered on her interests and be creative with how she learned each subject. Your clear method for keeping course work and making transcripts was so easy that I was even able to help friends when they struggled. I couldn't have done it without you Lee! I feel like I know you and if I ever see you I will definitely give you a hug because you helped me to see that homeschooling High School doesn't have to be hard, overwhelming or impossible.”
Nancy in the Philippines
Nancy in the Philippines
“Thank you for your dedication and service to the homeschooling community. Your recommendations and resources have empowered me to take control of my children’s high school education. I know that we will complete high school with absolute success. Hopefully this will give more parents hope to keep their children out of the public school system. We need to keep sending a message that it can be done!”
Nancy in the Philippines
Nancy in the Philippines
Lori in Idaho