Happy Customers

As these kids were going through their high school years, my homeschool mentor, Lee Binz, helped me realize that seeing their individuality and capitalizing on this as well as their strengths and passions was the ticket to helping each of them gain entry into their next chapter of life. I am so thankful for the instruction, solid support, and mentorship that the HomeScholar provided to me as I went through the process of ensuring that their high school years were college preparatory for each of them, as well as preparing unique and beautiful homeschool records for each as they sought college entry. Lee made a potentially overwhelming task totally do-able. I will never regret the last twenty or so years of watching three precious ones become adults. Lee has a heart for homeschool moms trying to sort through all the confusing information out there, she's not judgmental about doing things "the one way", and has a gift for doing her homework regarding everything from obtaining scholarships to preparing transcripts that showcase your child's uniqueness for colleges. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. She also has much information for moms of middle-schoolers regarding course planning as well as many other helps for that season of homeschooling. How nice it would have been to have had that input during my middle-schooling years!

You have taken an enormous amount of information and put it into bite-sized pieces so that the homeschooling parent can learn the information and process without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated–that goes for beginner homeschool high school parents and those of us who have been at it awhile. And you speak in the videos like a girlfriend who is going through all the same stuff with me! I feel myself saying, 'YES!!! That was your experience too?!' It is soooo affirming.