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Fabulous Four Day Sale!

 I'm having a FABULOUS  four day sale with my best prices and added perks with every purchase! Now is the perfect time to pick your own deal! But hurry! The sale prices are only good June 23 - June 26!

I know it's hard to wait around for the perfect sale, so I thought today the sale should come to you! My top 4 products are on sale for this four day sale! These are the best prices that I offer, on my most requested products, but hurry!  The sale is for 4 days only and ends Wednesday June 26th at midnight!

Here are the details: 

Get the Total Transcript Solution with Added Bonuses! 

Buy the Total Transcript Solution and I'll throw in these great goodies to get you started strong in the coming year!

This is the best solution if you just need a transcript, or need to know how to make one!

  1. "High School Testing" workshop so you understand PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, SAT 2, and CLEP
  2. "Keys to High School Success" workshop so you'll start strong with younger teens
  3. "Getting the Big Scholarships" workshop so you'll end well with your older teens
  4. "One Hour Transcript Workshop" workshop so you can finish this task fast
  5. Four-Workshop Homeschool High School Mini-Conference that includes convention recordings on record keeping, making grades, options after high school, and scriptural encouragement from "Christian Homeschool Success."
  6. Silver Training Club FREE for 30 days, then $27/month. Cancel any time, no questions asked.
Get the Comprehensive Record Solution for $50 off!

This special sale includes extra bonuses AND a $50 off promo code! Here are the bonuses ...

This is the best solution if you really need to get ALL your record keeping done!

  1. Buy-One Get-One FREE Bonus: I'll throw in the Total Transcript Solution FREE
  2. "Emergency Course Description Help" to get started FAST
  3. "College Admission and Scholarships" so you'll have a plan for the coming years
  4. "Beyond Academics" Workshop to help you remember important life skills
  5. Resources packs: Transcript Pack, Planning Pack, and Record Keeping Pack
  6. 4-Workshop High School Mini-Conference that includes convention recordings on "Creating Homeschool Balance", "Scheduling is the Key to Homeschool Sanity", "Planning High School Courses", and "College Admission and Scholarships"
  7. Silver Training Club FREE for 30 days, then $27/month. Cancel any time, no questions asked.

You'll get help with course descriptions, activity list, reading list, letter of recommendation, school profile, and more…. Those records don't just make themselves, right?​

Get the High School Solution for $100 off!

Start high school strong with the High School Solution, and get an even BIGGER promo code! This special sale includes extra bonuses AND a $100 off promo code! This product has over 50 hours of training classes to help you learn to homeschool high school with confidence, including downloadables, video, audio, handouts, and articles that will fit YOUR learning style. Bonuses include...

This is the best solution if you have a 6th – 10th grader, and would like to feel more confident homeschooling middle school and high school. This solution does not include transcript or course description help.

  1. "Creating Homeschool Balance" workshop so you can find harmony at home
  2. "Scheduling: The Secret to Homeschool Sanity" to plan your way back to mental health
  3. Beyond Academics" to help prepare teens for life, not life as a couch potato
  4. A 4-book bonus pack to learn the essentials of homeschooling with excellence: "The 10 Essentials", "Homeschool High School for Excellence", "Finding a College You Love" and "Focus on the Future."

Get the College Launch Solution for $100 off!

End your high school years with the best possible results for your teenager, no matter how gifted or challenging your situation! The College Launch Solution includes over 60 hours of classes for you and your teen to learn how to apply for college, get scholarships, and teach important life skills. 

This is the best solution if you have a college-bound 10th, 11th, or 12th grader in the fall.

Packed with resources including Ebooks, downloadables, video and audio classes, workbooks, tracking tools, templates and articles.

  1. It includes a 5 hour College Admission Seminar for Teens.
  2. For parents there are 8 Modules on college and launch that meet every need during every step of the way!
  3. Monthly accountability emails keep you on track
  4. Monthly Q & A workshops to answer your questions
  5. Private Facebook group to get support from others
  6. Full 3-year access to all 8 training modules
  7. Silver Training Club membership for help with younger teens. The first month is free, then $27/month, cancel any time
Bonuses for this sale include …
  1. My 4 best-selling eBooks on high school: "College Admission and Scholarships", "Setting the Records Straight", "TechnoLogic", and "Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School"
  2. A four-workshop mini-conference including "Beyond Academics", "Finding the Faith to Homeschool High School", "One-hour Transcript Workshop" and "Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child'
  3. My huge 20 CLASS BUNDLE with ALL of my Parent Training A-la-Carte classes ($300 Value)

This is the solution that will help you get college admission, scholarships, and successfully launch your teen into adulthood. Group Coaching is perfect for most families. If at any time you decide you would like some private coaching with me, you can upgrade to the Private Coaching option. And we have a payment plan that will allow you to spread your payment over 3 months​

Hurry! Sale ends June 26th at midnight! Try out one of my products and you'll understand what Stephanie in Ohio discovered.

"I thought I would have to convince my husband that we wanted to spend this amount, but he is fully convinced that your materials are an investment in my daughter's education. That, my friend, is a compliment in the highest! I told him that not only am I impressed with your materials, but my true respect for you has grown over the years. Your posts and answers are just so genuine that you can tell that you just have such a passion for this. I know that you have a heart for God, and that shines through too."

What are you waiting for? Get in on this four day sale before it's too late. You have nothing to lose with my money back guarantee!

Happy Homeschooling! 

Cookies Improve Test Scores [Free Download]
"Secrets of the College Launch" Master Class [Virt...


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Saturday, 21 September 2019

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