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THANK YOU from Canada

THANK YOU from Canada

I love our neighbors to the north - and not just because I live in Seattle and can almost see Canada from my house.  And not just because my daughter-in-law is Canadian and calls her mother "Queen Mum."  I love Canadian homeschoolers because they are just like ALL homeschoolers!  They are parents trying hard to provide the best possible education for the children, for college and for life.   Three of my Canadian friends have assured me that my help is appreciated.  I'd love to help you too!
"Just wanted to send you a THANK YOU from Canada. Our son who just turned 15 yesterday (and has always been Homeschooled) has been accepted to our local University for a first year course. After he successfully completes, he will be able to be enrolled either part time or full time next year (his grade 11 year) They were very impressed with the portfolio we brought in and it was all because of you. The info you post on Facebook, the articles, and great ideas all helped in us putting together a great portfolio. The lady we met with LOVED it and said it is very obvious that we have an amazing Academic Partnership with our son. (loved that term and we are using it now) So thank you from CANADA!!!  YES you can help Canadians...people feel very threatened by how to get into University or College...but I found it quite simple and fun!!! Thanks to you!!"

~ Darlene in Canada

“Thank you so much Lee! You are such a blessing! I really appreciate it! I’ve been telling everyone about your ebook (which I actually printed because I can take it with me). You’ll likely have more future orders! This Canadian loves your resource!"

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Homeschool Transcript Not Necessary?

Homeschool Transcript Not Necessary?

finished the entire ebook, and I LOVED IT!!!  Thank you so, so much for all that you are doing.  I have needed support like you offer for a number of years now.  Most people I know are just putting their kids in high school because the task is overwhelming to them.  We have felt that homeschool tK-12th grade is the path for our family.  After talking to many parents who are done raising their children who agree that parents can do this, I feel even more resolute in our decision.

Sadly, I've been told more times than I can count that to keep a transcript is not necessary.  That the colleges and universities will not look at it. They advised to just submit ACT and SAT test scores.  We followed this advice for our first child with results we are not pleased with.  You have completely changed my mind on this issue.  I feel empowered.  Our next child will be armed with a transcript so he can apply for scholarships just like any other applicant.  Our eldest son scored a 32 on the ACT and was quite advanced in all of his studies; but without the transcript no one would consider him for scholarships.  He had no trouble getting into college, where he is doing great getting top scores.  Getting in is not the problem.  It is the cost of higher education that is the problem.  I am convinced if I had had a coach like you while I educated him through high school, he would have received a scholarship or two.  Creating a transcript for our second son has empowered me even more with knowledge that we can do this.  We know where we are going.

It has felt like we've been going on to the end all alone.  Now I feel supported.  I am just nervous to call or email you for help.  One of these days I will be brave.  Thank you, again.  You are one of my heroes.


Stacie in Utah

Thank you, Stacie!  You know, the people who call me tell me I'm not scary at all, so please don't hesitate!

If you are like Stacie and need a little help with your homeschool transcripts, discover "The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts."   My e-book comes with one month free in my Gold Care Club, which will give you priority email support and extended weekly office hours.  How can you go wrong!!
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Thank you, Jill Bell!

Thank you, Jill Bell!
I received a very kind note from a mother who purchased my e-book on transcripts.  Here is what she said:
I meant to tell you my thoughts on your e-book "The Easy Truth about Homeschool Transcripts." I must say that I was initially a bit unsure because many, way too many in my opinion, e-books about homeschooling are very poorly written. Can you imagine what it would be like to read an entire book that is written in the way most people write emails, with short choppy or even incomplete sentences, lots of CAPS, three or more exclamation points in every paragraph, and so on? Well, many homeschool e-books are written exactly this way. I find reading such books so distracting, so frustrating, that I never finish them. I took a chance on your book, because of the professional way in which you write your blog, newsletter, and other free resources, and I was very, very impressed. The book was better written than some bound homeschool books I have purchased and simply not in the same class as other homeschool e-books. I have already recommended it to others, and will continue to do so. It really is amazing information, but more than that it is so well organized, well written, and professionally put together. Thank you.

Robin in Arizona

Wow!  Thank you Robin!  It made me SO glad that I had taken the extra step to get an editor's help!  I just want to take a moment and shout out a big, giant THANK YOU!!!  to my editor, Jill Bell!  Jill did a wonderful job, and she really has a great eye for detail.  Beyond spelling problems (not that we struggle with THAT at all!) she really helped me provide a book that is as professional as possible.  Jill, thank you so much for all of your hours of work!

On Sunday we send our February newsletter!  I am so excited.  In keeping with the traditional February theme, our newsletter will be about LOVE.  The kind of love that colleges have for homeschoolers and a different kind of love showered on us by alternative education programs!  Make sure to get up early on Sunday and enjoy it before church!

Don't get the newsletter?  Sign up here!

And if you would like to experience Jill's fabulous editing yourself, you can get my homeschool transcript e-book here.
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Homeschool Credits: Measured in Feet or Meters!

Homeschool Credits: Measured in Feet or Meters!
Hello, I received your newsletter from a friend and I am looking foward to being part of The HomeScholar.  I have a question regarding High School credits.... Would Grammar and Vocab be a separate English Credit, and American Lit. a separate credit, or would I count it all as one credit under English?

My daughter will be entering grade 9.  I plan for her to use Notgrass American History which is suppose to cover one credit each in Bible, American History, and American Lit.  I also plan to use Easy Grammar grade 9, and Vocabulary from the roots up grade 9.  Would these two shorter classes fall in with the American Lit class?  Or can I count Grammar and Vocabulary as another credit?  Or half credit since she will probably only spend 30 minutes (give or take) a day on them.

How do you recommend to do credits?  By hours spent on a subject?  Or by full year course, or half year?

Thanks for your time,
Ann in Iowa

Dear Ann,

When a curriculum company tells you how many credits their program is, then you can use that information on your transcript.  If Notgrass says that it covers 1 credit each of Bible, American History, and American Literature, then that is what I would put on her transcript.

Additional grammar and vocabulary are all part of an English course.  If it were me, I would include Easy Grammar and Vocabulary From The Roots Up as portions of her English credit that is called "American Literature.  Most high school English courses will have more than "just" literature, so it's pretty natural to include grammar and vocabulary as well.  So yes, I would have those fall in with the American Lit class.

Credits is a measure of how long and how hard you study a class.  You can measure that in feet or meters - or in transcript talk, that means you can measure it in "books" or "hours."  Either way of measuring is fine.  If you measure by the "book" like with Notgrass, then it's a little easier than counting hours.  Measuring credit by the hour is useful when you aren't using a book, like for PE or art or non-textbook activities.

These are the kinds of questions that I answer in great detail in my book, "The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts."   It would be a great idea for a parent with a 9th grader.  First of all, I do recommend starting your transcript this year, and the book can obviously help with that.  It comes with 10 downloadable transcript templates, so you can choose a variety of formats, whichever one looks pretty to you.

The book purchase also comes with a free month to my "Gold Care Club."  That is a membership website that has audio courses, video courses, and other downloadable helpful tools.  This month the membership site has the video "College Preparation" and the audio course "Making a Transcript."  The membership courses have handouts that you can print at home.  If you are a member, then you can consult for 20 minutes free every week, and we can talk on the phone about questions like this.  Members can also get a one-page document review each week, so I can help you with your course planning, transcript, or course descriptions if you like.  The first month is free, so you can see if you like it before you purchase the membership at $27 per month.

I hope I answered your questions thoroughly enough for you!  Let me know if you have more questions!

Get your daily dose of homeschool high school wisdom by subscribing to this blog!  Subscribe via email here, and via reader here!
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"Man Gives Birth"...News at 11

"Man Gives Birth"...News at 11
Hi everyone, Matt here.

First of all, on behalf of Lee and I, THANK YOU for making the launch of our new e-book such a wonderful experience.  We have already received a warm and encouraging response from many of you who are already enjoying the e-book and Gold Care Club.  Truthfully, I would say an e-book launch may be as close as I will ever get to pregnancy and giving birth, including "morning sickness," contractions, transition and, finally, the new baby.

Morning sickness for me was the feeling I got at 10 AM (T-2hours) when I discovered that neglected to do any testing of the system using Internet Explorer (I normally run Firefox.)  A quick check on my computer showed that I couldn't open the audio files from Explorer! It was about one hour and 59 minutes of utter panic as I tried to determine whether the problem was the coding or was with my Explorer settings (I now believe the problem was on my machine because we've heard no complaints from our customers.)

Contractions was dealing with the clock.  As time started running down and I was simultaneously on two computers, on the phone with our technical support in India, and had my youngest son, Alex, helping over my shoulder.  My Lamaze training from 21 years ago really paid off.

Transition came at 11:59 AM as Lee started counting down the seconds from the other room.  Phone in one ear, countdown clock in the other, coding as fast as I could while having a frantic text conversation with India (the term "chat" just doesn't do it justice!)

Birth came at noon, with Lee gently reminding me..."Honey, we are out of time, please upload it NOW!" (OK, the first seven words of that reminder probably reflects the glow of a new father who has already forgotten the pain of birth.)

And our new baby, "The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts" was born!  Healthy, 7 lbs 6 oz;  8 1/2 x 11 inches.   No colic, sleeping through the night, already potty trained.  Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself, but we have nothing but great hopes for this baby.

I hope you enjoy her.  She is precious to us.  Of course, if you see a defect, please let us know.  Unlike children, e-books are really easy to change!



P.S.  Lee an I did some brainstorming this morning for what we want to add to the Gold Care Club in January!  It is going to be REALLY cool!
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