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Raising Global-minded Children with a Heart for the World


A pioneer in homeschooling, Sarita Holzmann co-founded Sonlight Curriculum 27 years ago and as read and reviewed over 16,000 books (and counting) in that time. Her literature-based apprach to homeschooling has proven to be a favorite for families all over the world.

Raising global-minded children with a heart for the world

by Sarita Holzmann of Sonlight Curriculum

The study of history and geography through living books provides your children a much needed framework to make sense of a world beyond their own backyard. It’s hard for children, young adults and even adults to understand the impacts of the uprising and unrest that is broadcast on the world stage. However, raising children to think outside of their community, country and even their hemisphere through living books opens their hearts to people from all walks of life. Join as Sarita Holzmann walks us through the importance of raising global-minded children and how reading great literature can help to raise children with a heart for the world.

Sarita looks forward to helping even more families raise lifelong learners in the next generation. She is a happily married, veteran homeschool mom of four and grandmother to eight.Author of over 50 curriculum guides, she also blogs at sonlight.com/blog.



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Saturday, 23 March 2019