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Homeschooling Younger Children - Keeping your kids up on current events

My kids are 10 and 12. I get the God's World News, and have them read it and answer the questions on the TM sheet. This is also my only work on reading comprehension, as I always forget narration. That is why I like using God's World. It gives them a little practice with multiple choice quizzes. If there is a story we are following (like now we are following the convention) I will call them into the room when the story is on the news. Otherwise, I don't let them watch the news. It is too overwhelming to them to see all the crime stories, if you know what I mean. I also have them read certain stories from the newspaper. I will ask them "What section would the hurricane be in?" so that they can learn their way around the paper. If there is a lot of disgusting news, child rapists or whatever, and I still want them to see an article, I will use a highlighter to circle the article, and tell them to read that one.

Lee (August 2000)

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Homeschool Transcripts - What about Narrative Transcripts?

>>>>Catherine asks: How important is it to have a typical looking transcript with grades and a GPA vs a more narrative type of transcript or even one with courses listed but no grades, since our goal is mastery and so they'd all just be A's anyway?<<<<

Hi Catherine,
Maybe you could try to think about it a little differently. Think of yourself as a foreign language translator. Your job is to translate what you have done in your homeschool, into words and numbers that colleges understand. Your job isn't to change your homeschool - just do what works for you. You job is only to translate your experiences (whatever they are) into the "love language" of colleges.

I know that some colleges don't mind a narrative explanation of a homeschool. I went to a Christian college fair last Monday, and there were a handful of colleges where 15-20% of their student body had been homeschooled. Those admissions people talked about narrative records in a very warm and open way. This weekend I'm going to a Homeschool College Fair, and I'm sure it will be equally welcoming to all sorts of homeschool records (otherwise they probably wouldn't be at a fair just for homeschoolers, right?) But I think the majority of colleges may not understand anything other than a transcript because it will seem like a foreign language to them.

You might want to just group your student's learning experiences together into groups that are approximately 1 credit worth. Label it something that sounds like a class title. Once he has put in a year's worth of math work, for example, you could call it "discrete math" or "concepts in math" or something. You could look at CLEP exams, and see which ones look like academic content that your student has learned, and then list those subject names on your transcript. Have you looked at Barb Shelton's Homeschool Form-U-La book? Her book is not for everyone, but she does have a good explanation of how to take what you have done and explaining it in college-friendly language.

I hope that helps.

PS.  You might want to explore the different types of transcripts you can create that will impress the colleges.  Check out my Total Transcript Solution!

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Homeschooling Resources - Pre-Calculus Question Part 1

A friend of mine was having a problem with her daughter taking pre-calculus. After doing well on the first test, she had failed the second. She thought it might be the curriculum and was looking for advice on what to do.

I responded:

A wise woman once said: "When it doesn't work, stop using it." Time to switch, if you ask me. First thing I suggest is going online to The Teaching Company, and getting a video of either Algebra 2 here:

Or calculus here:

The next thing that I would do is purchase Teaching Textbooks, because it provides another way of explaining things. That same wise woman once said "Invest in your weaknesses" which right now is pre-calculus. The final thing I would do is ask your English speaking friends who are engineers if they can help. Please, tell me you have some friends that are engineers, right?? Ask them to spend a few moments just on this chapter, while you are waiting for the remaining curriculum to arrive. If that doesn't work, you can try googling "Math Tutor" and see if you can make a phone call over the internet to an english speaking tutor. Try, or "High School Hub" or even Teaching Textbooks (once you order from them.)

No matter what, do NOT panic. Pre-calculus IS hard, and it's worth the struggle. Once you have done this, you can do anything! This struggle will one day make a marvelous college application essay. And you know, Pre-calculus is already a VERY impressive accomplishment, so pursuing more will be "gravy"!! Keep at it, don't panic. You can do it! Go team Go!

The HomeScholar
"Helping parents homeschool through high school"
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Homeschooling Resources - Pre-Calculus Question Part 2

My friend developed a plan and I wanted to encourage her to implement it.

I wrote:

Do you remember when the kids were babies, and things would get really hard and miserable? One thing that helped me at THAT stage of life, was realizing that those things only tend to last for a week or two. I was never sure whether it was me adapting to them, or them adapting to me, but after two weeks the thing that freaked me out wasn't freaking me anymore.

It's like that will high school, too. In two weeks, this crisis will be over. Somehow, someway, it will have gotten better (not perfect perhaps, but no longer a crisis.) So hang in there! Maybe in two weeks, you will have moved to the next crisis, LOL!

You have some great, concrete, specific steps that you are working on. You have as many resources as anyone here in the states (SOME math help, not perfect math help, is really the norm.) You have a great, step-by-step plan. This is going to be OK. You are doing a great job!

// ![DATA[
D(["mb","because you love your daughter.\u003cbr /\>\u003cbr /\>I wish I could help, but I personally don\'t know pre-calculus :-)\u003cbr /\>Blessings,\u003cbr /\>Lee\u003cbr /\>-\u003cbr /\>The HomeScholar\u003cbr /\>\u003ca onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\" href\u003d\"\" target\u003d_blank\>\u003c/a\>\u003cbr /\>\u003ca onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\" href\u003d\"\" target\u003d_blank\>www.TheHomeScholar.blogspot\u003cwbr /\>.com\u003c/a\>\u003cbr /\>"Helping parents homeschool through high school"\u003cbr /\>Sign up for my free email newsletter!\u003cbr /\>\u003cbr /\>\u003cbr /\>--- In \u003ca onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\" href\u003d\"\"\>Support4HomeSchool@yahoogroups\u003cwbr /\>.com\u003c/a\>, "RENEE GARDINER"\u003cbr /\> wrote:\u003cbr /\>>\u003cbr /\>> Lee,\u003cbr /\>>\u003cbr /\>> I can\'t find a student assistance phone number in the Thinkwell\u003cbr /\>materials.\u003cbr /\>>\u003cbr /\>> After the appropriate freaking out and panicing, here is what dd\u003cbr /\>and I are\u003cbr /\>> doing:\u003cbr /\>>\u003cbr /\>> 1. Madeleine is taking the chapter tests from Teaching Textbook\u003cbr /\>Algebra II\u003cbr /\>> (her db is using it this year) to see if there are gaps in her\u003cbr /\>knowledge (we\u003cbr /\>> have concerns because the international school doesn\'t do math like\u003cbr /\>the US).\u003cbr /\>> When she hits a roadblock, she\'ll sit down with that program and\u003cbr /\>learn......\u003cbr /\>> then continue moving forward.\u003cbr /\>>\u003cbr /\>> 2. In addition, we are checking with our neighbor (he taught a math\u003cbr /\>class to\u003cbr /\>> soldiers this past term) to see what Math levels he teaches. I do\u003cbr /\>know he\'ll\u003cbr /\>> be gone for two weeks in November but maybe we can get through this\u003cbr /\>> roadblock before then.\u003cbr /\>>\u003cbr /\>> 3. Then I\'m debating between (I wish dh would give me his opinion) - a)\u003cbr /\>> buying PreCalculus study aids (I\'ve seen some books on Amazon), b)\u003cbr /\>buying\u003cbr /\>> the dvds you recommended, and/or c) buying Teaching Textbook\u003cbr /\>",1] );
// ]]>I hear Bill Cosby on Oprah the other day, and he said something I loved. He said that parents are "love-givers" not "care-givers" and that it's the LOVE that makes a difference. Here your daughter is at home, learning pre-calculus, and you really are invested in whether or not she knows the material because you LOVE her. She isn't just forced to move on to the next topic, but you're finding resources to help her understand. That, my friend, is why I never hesitate to give a 4.0 in a homeschool high school class. But really, if she were in ANY other learning environment, she would be moved forward in math whether she understood it or not. YOU are doing a GREAT job, because you love your daughter.

I wish I could help, but I personally don't know pre-calculus :-)

The HomeScholar
"Helping parents homeschool through high school"
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Homeschool Records - The best record keeping ever!

My client this week uses the best record keeping I've ever seen! She had her daughter keep a computer log of every moment she spent in every class. The excel spreadsheet for English has a line that says: 11/3/06 read "The Giver" 75 minutes, for example. Her "Voice" spreadsheet says how many minutes she spent each day practicing vocal techniques and taking lessons. She has spreadsheets for ever single course, and has the minutes spent on each one per day. This is incredible! Pages and pages of documentation! I've never seen anything so wonderful, and it was SO easy for me to write her Comprehensive Record using the 50 or more pages of data that she gave me. Oh my goodness!

I have to confess, though, that I could have NEVER talked my boys into doing that. I remember trying, but they would do it once and then "forget" from then on. Maybe this is just a strategy that works for just this client, but I have to say she wins the prize for the best kept records!

Whatever strategy WORKS for you, is the one that's best for you to use. Whatever works, do it! Just make sure to keep records SOMEHOW, so that you can create the documents you need when you are applying to colleges. Keep it all!


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Home School Education - Homeschooling Grandmothers Unite!

Joyce in Maine wrote to me today:

"Thank you!! we are late to homeschooling. I am a grandparent of an 11th grader who is now raising her. Our decision to home was just made this week and we are doing ok, but floundering around at times. My daughter (her aunt) homeschools her kids and has been an enormous help. I have found your letter to have some really great stuff in it. We want her to go to college but she is so much happier doing this at home and I can use all the help I can get. great newsletter, thanks so much"

It reminded me of how many homeschooling grandmothers I met at the last homeschool convention. Here is my response to her:

"Dear Joyce,
You are so welcome! Boy, I'm seeing more and more grandparents homeschooling these days. Schools are just SO different than they used to be! I'm really proud of you for taking on such a big job. I must say, I've seen grandparents be EXTREMELY successful when the teen is willing and eager to stay home. If you ever feel like you are in over your head, my DVD is a nice overview. It's intended for homeschoolers with 9th and 10th graders, but since you are just starting, it would be perfect.
Have a great day!

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Home School Education - Need Help Finding a College?

It's hard to have a high school Junior! Even when they want to go to college, they sometimes lack motivation to research the possibilities. There is a new website designed to help. Seattle PI reporter Amy Rolph writes "A new Web site was introduced with the intended purpose of making it easier for the next class of freshmen to pick the right college." Read her article here, or go directly to the U-CAN website and see if it can help you find a college. Hopefully your high school student will enjoy using the computer to search for colleges. Remember that there are also college fairs to help you choose - and many of them are this month!
Pacific Northwest Homeschool College Fair
National College Fair
Christian College Fair
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Homeschool Grading in the News!

Homeschool Grading in the News!

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Homeschool Records - How to Determine Homeschool Credits

This question comes from Jurene in Spokane, who purchased a transcript last year, and now is planning to create a music appreciation course with the Symphony:

"Dear Lee,
This is where I need your insight. I know we talked much about how much time Ellen spent on different subjects to justify awarding a credit. If you could simply give me a yardstick of sorts. How much time would warrant a credit or a partial credit."

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Homeschool Transcript - Strap on Your Auxiliary Brain!

Homeschool Transcript - Strap on Your Auxiliary Brain!

My son Kevin is a chess genius. When he was in high school, he was ranked second in state even though he never had a chess coach like the other kids. Instead of a coach, my husband purchased a high-powered chess program for his Palm Pilot, and he would play Kevin while using the chess program. We used to tease my husband that he was "strapping on his auxiliary brain" when he played with the chess computer in his hand.

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Bits and Pieces

US News and World Report
Admittedly Unequal

Many colleges are rejecting women at rates drastically higher than those for men, although engineering is the exception. They recommend that boys emphasize their masculinity and girls consider an engineering major.

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September Reminders

9th Grade:
Plan a rigorous curriculum!
See the ACT College Preparation Plan.

10th Grade:
Consider taking the PSAT "for fun."
Register for the PSAT here.

\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>: \u003cbr\>Go to a college fair. Register by Sept. 15 to take the PSAT "for real" \u003c/span\>\u003ca style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\" href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.yeg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>Register for the PSAT. \u003c/a\>\u003cbr\>\u003cbr\>\u003ca href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.9eg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>12th Grade\u003c/a\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>: \u003cbr\>Start college applications, and take the ACT or SAT. Register for the \u003c/span\>\u003ca style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\" href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.8eg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>ACT\u003c/a\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\> or \u003c/span\>\u003ca style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\" href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.7eg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>SAT\u003c/a\> for the first or second time.\u003cbr\>\u003cbr\>\u003ca href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.6eg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>Parents\u003c/a\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>: Plan your record keeping strategies for the year, and visit a \u003c/span\>\u003ca style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0);text-decoration:underline\" href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.5eg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>College Fair",1] ); //-->11th Grade:
Go to a college fair. Register by Sept. 15 to take the PSAT "for real"
Register for the PSAT.

12th Grade:
Start college applications, and take the ACT or SAT. Register for the
ACT or SAT for the first or second time.

Parents: Plan your record keeping strategies for the year, and visit a College Fair\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0);text-decoration:underline\"\>.\u003c/span\>\u003cbr\>\u003cbr\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t\u003c/tr\>\n\t\t\u003c/table\>\u003ca name\u003d\"114d120ea97d23d3_LETTER.BLOCK19\"\>\u003ctable style\u003d\"margin-bottom:6px\" border\u003d\"0\" width\u003d\"100%\" cellpadding\u003d\"5\" cellspacing\u003d\"0\"\>\n\t\t\u003ctr style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\n\t\t\t\u003ctd style\u003d\"background-color:#BEE796;padding:2px 2px 2px 6px;color:#cef9fe;font-family:Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif;font-size:14pt\" height\u003d\"20\" bgcolor\u003d\"#BEE796\" width\u003d\"100%\" rowspan\u003d\"1\" colspan\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cfont color\u003d\"#cef9fe\" size\u003d\"4\" face\u003d\"Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif\" style\u003d\"color:#cef9fe;font-family:Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif;font-size:14pt\"\>\u003cb\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>Homeschoolers Save 25% at Borders!\u003c/span\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t\u003c/tr\>\n\t\t\u003ctr style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\n\t\t\t\u003ctd style\u003d\"color:#000000;font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:10pt\" valign\u003d\"top\" width\u003d\"100%\" rowspan\u003d\"1\" colspan\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cfont color\u003d\"#000000\" size\u003d\"2\" face\u003d\"Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif\" style\u003d\"color:#000000;font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:10pt\"\>\n\n\u003cp style\u003d\"text-align:justify\"\>You're invited to a special reception at Borders stores on Friday,\n September 28, 2007, from 4\nto 8 p.m. Free.\u003cspan\> \u003c/span\>All educators, including homeschoolers,\ncurrent and retired, at all grade levels are invited:\u003cspan\> \u003c/span\>\u003ca href\u003d\"\u003dhnm5ndcab.0.bfg7gecab.t665w6bab.1&ts\u003dS0279&p\\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/p\>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\t\t\t\u003c/font\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t\u003c/tr\>\n\t\t\u003c/table\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/a\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t\u003ctd style\u003d\"background-color:#4CC4FC\" bgcolor\u003d\"#4CC4FC\" width\u003d\"1\" rowspan\u003d\"1\" colspan\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cimg height\u003d\"1\" border\u003d\"0\" width\u003d\"1\" src\u003d\"\"\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t\u003ctd style\u003d\"background-color:#FFFFFF;width:190px\" bgcolor\u003d\"#FFFFFF\" valign\u003d\"top\" width\u003d\"190\" rowspan\u003d\"1\" colspan\u003d\"1\"\>\n\t\t\u003ctable style\u003d\"margin-bottom:6px\" border\u003d\"0\" width\u003d\"100%\" cellspacing\u003d\"0\" cellpadding\u003d\"3\"\>",1] ); //-->.
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July and August Contest winners

July and August Contest winners
Winner of "A Moment of Peace"
WATCH Convention
Lorrie Flem, Publisher
Teach Magazine

At conventions I usually have a gaggle of teenage girls standing around waiting for the drawing. I carefully mixed up the names, and randomly chose one of the girls to draw the winner. I was careful to make sure that the girl turned her back and covered her eyes when she drew. When the girl looked at the winner's name, she screamed, "It's my Mom! Lorrie Flem is my Mom!" She was SO excited! What a thrill for her to choose her own mother as the winner! \u003cbr\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/p\>\n\n\u003cdiv style\u003d\"text-align:center;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-weight:bold\"\>Winner of the July \u003cbr\>Newsletter Contest\u003c/span\> \u003c/span\>\u003c/div\>\u003cdiv style\u003d\"text-align:center;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>Renée in \u003c/span\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>Garmisch\u003c/span\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>, \u003c/span\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>Germany\u003c/span\>\u003c/div\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>"I've been so impressed\nwith the info in the newsletter, that it was certainly something I thought\nothers would benefit from as well," said Renée.\u003cbr\>\u003cbr\>\u003c/span\>\u003cdiv style\u003d\"text-align:center;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-weight:bold\"\>Winner of the August \u003cbr\>\nNewsletter Contest\u003c/span\> \u003c/span\>\u003c/div\>\u003cdiv style\u003d\"text-align:center;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>Karen Davis in North Carolina\u003c/span\>\u003c/div\>\u003cbr\>\u003cdiv style\u003d\"text-align:center;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt\"\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-weight:bold\"\>Your Turn to Win! \u003c/span\>\u003c/span\>\u003c/div\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"font-size:12pt;color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>Win "A Moment of Peace" for yourself!\u003cspan\> \u003c/span\>You will have the opportunity to win "A\nMoment of Peace" at the Pacific Northwest Homeschool College Fair October 27, 2007 at CascadiaCommunity\n College.\u003c/span\>\u003cbr\>\n\t\t\t\u003c/font\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t\u003c/tr\>\n\t\t\u003c/table\>\u003ca name\u003d\"114d120ea97d23d3_LETTER.BLOCK7\"\>\u003ctable style\u003d\"margin-bottom:6px\" border\u003d\"0\" width\u003d\"100%\" cellpadding\u003d\"5\" cellspacing\u003d\"0\"\>\n\t\t\u003ctr\>\n\t\t\t\u003ctd style\u003d\"background-color:#BEE796;padding:2px 2px 2px 6px;color:#cef9fe;font-family:Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif;font-size:14pt\" height\u003d\"20\" bgcolor\u003d\"#BEE796\" width\u003d\"100%\" rowspan\u003d\"1\" colspan\u003d\"1\"\>\u003cfont color\u003d\"#cef9fe\" size\u003d\"4\" face\u003d\"Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif\" style\u003d\"color:#cef9fe;font-family:Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif;font-size:14pt\"\>\u003cb\>\u003cspan style\u003d\"color:rgb(0, 0, 0)\"\>September Calendar Reminders\u003c/span\>\u003cbr\>\u003c/b\>\u003c/font\>\u003c/td\>\n\t\t",1] ); //-->

Winner of the July
Newsletter Contest
Renée in Garmisch, Germany
"I've been so impressed with the info in the newsletter, that it was certainly something I thought others would benefit from as well," said Renée.

Winner of the August
Newsletter Contest
Karen Davis in North Carolina

Your Turn to Win!
Win "A Moment of Peace" for yourself! You will have the opportunity to win "A Moment of Peace" at the Pacific Northwest Homeschool College Fair October 27, 2007 at CascadiaCommunity College.
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Tips for Homeschooling Teens

Tips for Homeschooling Teens

Children learn all the time, even when we aren't looking - and even over summer! You might want to "pre-test" your children in some subject areas before you start school next year. For example, Spelling Power offers a placement test for their program, and you can check their spelling level at the beginning of each year, to make sure they are learning something new. In most math books, the first chapter or two is review. You can see if your student really NEEDS the review. You can give the chapter one test on the first day of school, and if your child scores well, just skip chapter one, and move on to the chapter two test. Keep in mind that our goal isn't to "teach" something. Our goal is that our children learn something new - something they don't already know.

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We Have a Winner!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged their friends to sign up for my free newsletter! A big thanks to Chrissie Hasenohrl, Sharon Hicks, Sonja Knight, Kristine McGowan, Chris Ryan, and Karla Sigrist. The winner of our July contest is Renee Gardiner in Germany! Renee was named by the most new subscribers, and she wins a free one hour telephone consultation.

Congratulations Renee Gardiner!
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