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Recommended Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

It's time again for our monthly giveaway! This month, our friends at The Old Schoolhouse are our sponsor's and you'll want to be sure to enter. Read on to see information on the great deal they are offering to everyone and the giveaway for the month, as well as some great high school curriculum and resources!

This membership is a year-long, preK - 12, ultimate membership to One membership is all you need for your entire family to get access to over 400 courses and hundreds of additional resources including educational resources and access to World Book. A membership will give you Christian, self-paced, online homeschooling courses with customizable curriculum. Every subject. Every Grade. Every Student.

This month's giveaway is a $179 value and we are giving away 5 of them! 

Wow! What a deal for five lucky winners! We'll draw the winners on December 9, 2020. Good luck to all who enter!

Gena Suarez, along with her husband, Paul, have homeschooled their seven children since 1990. What started for Gena as a way to share her love of books and homeschooling curricula by scouring thrift stores and a local book depository and then selling her finds on eBay soon turned into a conduit for reaching the hearts of homeschooling parents. She says of her experience, "There were homeschoolers everywhere! More and more parents every year were bringing their children home to educate them instead of letting the public schools do it."

Parents want more than just books; they also sought answers to their questions and fears about homeschooling. Gena remembers, "I was not at all an expert in home education or parenting. But I did my best to encourage these folks with the wisest possible answers I could give them, and I enjoyed the conversations that came from my little The Old Schoolhouse eBay bookstore."

As an added bonus, 
SAVOR the season with your FREE copy of CRANBERRY CHRISTMAS! This eighty-eight page eBook from The Old Schoolhouse is JAM packed with activities, stories, crafts, and recipes to keep your homeschool days BERRY and BRIGHT! 'Tis the season to be baking! Expand your recipe collection with CRANBERRY RECIPES GALORE! Indulge in our Colorful Cranberry Slaw, Cranberry Relish, Chicken with Dried Fruit and Cranberries, Cranberry-Apple Walnut Bread and more! Grab your free eBook here!

Currently, offers hundreds of homeschool courses for preschool through high school, including many designed specifically for the enrichment and encouragement of parents—and additional courses and features are always being added. Lesson designers from five continents, to date, have contributed material, many of whom are recognized as leading experts in homeschooling.

What does the best online homeschool curriculum offer to its thousands of members? Remember that is the homeschool curriculum extension of The Old Schoolhouse®, a trusted name in the homeschool community for almost two decades. has the experience and community with fellow homeschoolers to listen to moms. They know the need for flexibility to choose homeschool course options and make changes as needed, variety in content for every age level, a shared vision to instruct from a Biblical worldview, a family-centered approach, and easy access. is not an online school with live classes; is the best online homeschool curriculum option with hundreds of content-rich courses in a variety of styles and formats, all taught from a Biblical worldview.

Here's what makes the best online homeschool curriculum, and more, for homeschooling families around the globe:

  • Hundreds of homeschool course options for teaching the youngest preschool learner through the high school senior
    • Dozens of preschool courses, including full preschool and kindergarten curriculum options
    • A vast array of elementary courses, including hands-on and video-based selections
    • Numerous middle school courses that encourage independence and choice
    • A wide selection of high school courses
    • Even courses for parents and families
  • Unique elective courses for all ages, from architecture to business, digital art, personal finance, and more
  • Access to a huge video streaming library and World Book Online
  • More than a thousand pages of digital planning tools, including the popular annual Schoolhouse Digital Planner and High School Schoolhouse Digital Planner
  • Focused Learning Centers to provide parents with additional resources for teaching math, reading, special needs learners, high school, and physical education, as well as for exploring the Charlotte Mason method, hands-on learning, career options, and more
  • Holiday Courses and Unit Studies for year-round celebrations
  • Access to the Applecore Recordkeeping System
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Optional Scope and Sequence and Lesson Plans
  • Monthly menus and household helpsbecause a homeschooling lifestyle goes beyond the academics
  • The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine quarterly print issues delivered to the homes of US members

Enjoy resources at your fingertips with

How to Motivate Homeschool Teens and Rouse Slug-Sl...


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Friday, 06 December 2019

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