Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool this Summer!

Do you homeschool during the summer? I know our family always tried to take a "serious break" during the summer months. Still, there was some educational stuff we still did. This webinar will give you ideas on what options you have available for your homeschool this summer. We will cover:

  • Daily review topics
  • Delight directed learning
  • Capturing credits
  • Homeschooling college
  • Planning ahead for college applications
  • Transcripts
  • Course descriptions
  • Application essays

Learn how a small investment of time each day this summer can pay big rewards next year!

open quotesIt was great as usual. I felt like Lee was talking specifically to me as I had these issues.close quotes

open quotesVery helpful. A lot of information. I can apply/use this information right awayclose quotes

open quotesI am very thankful for your help. I feel like I am on track. Your encouragement keeps me going.close quotes

open quotesIf you weren't here to hold our hands I don't know what we'd do!close quotes

open quotesInteresting and fun. This helped me feel grounded and on the right track, which is so affirming! Several good ideas I hadn't thought of.close quotes

open quotesThanks Lee. This will help me schedule this summer first and then keep only the necessary! Summer is not a good time to feel overwhelmed . . . that's what I need a break from! Nice webinar.close quotes

open quotesThank you so much! I have been a little overwhelmed with family matters lately but these webinars helps me to get my thoughts recalibrated and I'm now focused again.close quotes

open quotesVery thorough in answering all of my unasked questions. I was wondering about having taken a break too soon with my boys. I am at peace now.close quotes

open quotesThe webinar was full of useful information. THANKS!!!close quotes

open quotesThank you! I had no intention of homeschooling through high school. My goal was to get my 4 children through 8th grade and send them off to high school. God had a different plan in mind for our family. After much prayer we found you. We are getting ready to start high school next year with our oldest daughter, I would not even be able to attempt this without your tools and support.close quotes

open quotesLoved it!close quotes

open quotesIt was very helpful to hear about the importance of the reading list and the Clep info.close quotes