College Scholarships for High School Credit

One hour presentation time
Handouts: College Scholarship Parent Resources

Find - Filter - Format - Follow through - File

How to find private scholarships and filter out the scholarships that won't help you. Learn to format them into an easy-to-use notebook. Hear tips that will encourage your student to follow through with the applications. I'll teach you how to file them into your homeschool transcript. You'll learn the benefits of winning AND non-winning applications, and I'll provide tips on other ways to afford college.

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open quotesThis is such a creative way to motivate students to do scholarship essays. It assures that we're getting them done in a timely way, while actually giving them credit for all of the hard work that goes in to preparing them. It's a great concept. Something I will put into practice right away. (I have a rising high school senior, with two siblings coming behind).close quotes

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